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Join a group of ordinary gay friends for an honest and intimate evening together hosted by the group's token married couple Matt and Lee. With the introduction of Matt's work friend and Josh, a young sexually curious gym twink the dynamic of the group is suddenyl challenged. As the booze flows a bit too quickly they soon lose inhibitions with each other and explore some of the common stereotypes of gay life in 2015. Post gay marriage, Queer as Folk and Looking, but is equality any nearer?







I Went to a Fabulous Party

by And Davies

Copyright, all rights reserved ©2016                                

"The choreography is quite stunning"

A Younger Theatre

"Some clever directing from Dan Phillips"

Gay Star News

"The “in jokes” are funny and the banter is sharp and caustic"

LGBT Arts Review

"A very entertaining evening"

A Younger Theatre

"Does well to celebrate homosexulaity"



Starjpg Starjpg Starjpg Starjpg

"Dan Phillips has delivered a play that makes you smile and think"